Getting Started

The InteliChart Open Application Programing Interface (OpenAPI) provides....

The OpenAPI is presented as a set of simple Restful Web Services to facilitate maximum compatibility with the widest range of development platforms. The InteliChart OpenAPI employs standard OAuth 2.0 client authentication to ensure that verified development partners are able to use the API in a secure environment and maintain patient privacy.


This documentation is designed for people familiar with JSON and HTTP.

All OpenAPI requests :

  • Must be made over SSL using HTTPS in order to ensure data privacy and compliance with the OAuth 2.0 specification
  • Must use POST method in order to ensure all data privacy

Potential response status codes are :

  • 200 [Ok] - Standard response for successful HTTP requests.
  • 400 [Bad Request] - Server cannot process the request. There was missing data or missing prerequisite data.
  • 401 [Unauthorized] - Authentication is required and has failed or has not been provided.
  • 405 [Method Not Allowed] - A request method is not supported. i.e. Used GET instead of POST.
  • 419 [Authentication Timeout] - OAuth token has exceeded its lifetime.
  • 500 [Internal Server Error] - An error occured within the OpenAPI. Please report this immediately.